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Kolling Institute researchers instrumental in Australian first guidelines .

It has taken three years and many hours of careful work, but two researchers from the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research have developed the first clinical practice guidelines for physiotherapists to inform the care of people with life-changing spinal cord injuries. Physiotherapy is a key part of rehabilitation for people with a spinal cord injury, but until now, there has been no nationa.....
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Professor Michael Cousins leaves extraordinary legacy.

We would like to acknowledge the remarkable life of pain medicine pioneer and former Royal North Shore Hospital specialist Professor Michael Cousins AO who has sadly passed away. Michael was a trailblazer in anaesthesia and pain medicine, and a mentor to many at the Kolling Institute and on the Royal North Shore Hospital campus. With a career spanning more than 50 years, Michael dedicated his life .....
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Digital technology to support those with long-standing pain.

Researchers based at the Kolling Institute have launched a clinical trial using digital health technology to help those with chronic pain reduce their use of opioids. Chief investigator and leading pain specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital Professor Paul Glare said many people with chronic pain are using opioid medications long-term, but research shows that in many cases, these medications are .....
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Australian researchers help astronauts tackle the health challenges of spaceflight.

As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) progresses its ambitious Artemis spaceflight program, Australian researchers including the Kolling Institute’s Academic Director Professor James Elliott will tap into their scientific expertise to offer support. Professor Elliott attended a recent event at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Texas, which brought together leading clinicians and .....
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Research helping the community tap into the best osteoarthritis care.

While a large share of the community experiences osteoarthritis, many people are not receiving the latest, evidenced-based care leaving them with poorer and more painful outcomes. Health and government bodies are working to address the shortfall, investing resources to increase awareness of high-value care. As part of this national approach, Kolling Institute researcher and physiotherapist Dr Jilli.....
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New research challenges the link between the weather and joint pain.

Many people believe there is a connection between the weather and joint or muscle pain, but a team of researchers from the Kolling Institute and the University of Sydney say their latest study has found there is no link between the two. Lead author Professor Manuela Ferreira said there is a longstanding belief that changes in weather conditions, such as rain or temperature variations, can trigger o.....
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Philanthropic support building our research expertise.

A collection of researchers will develop their skills and establish crucial new collaborations following generous funding through the Skipper Charitable Trust. Six researchers have received a 2024 Beryl and Jack Jacobs Travel Award, enabling them to travel for conferences and work with experts across the globe. Academic Director Professor James Elliott was thrilled to announce the successful recipi.....
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Kolling NEWS.

We’re kicking off the year with plenty of encouraging research news. Read on for details about new funding, fascinating research into the link between heart disease and osteoarthritis and promising work into a new diabetes treatment. We also unveil the winners of our travel awards program, generously backed by philanthropic funding. Click here: Kolling NEWS
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Kolling researchers to inform best care for those with a spinal cord injury.

The expertise of our rehabilitation researchers at the Kolling Institute has been recognised with a prestigious international competitive grant to investigate the impact length of stay has on rehabilitation outcomes following a spinal cord injury. The National Institute of Health in the US has awarded more than $9 million to the overall project, with more than $750,000 coming to Australia. The five.....
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Putting science into practice.

Practical ways to implement scientific research was the theme of this year’s John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research Forum.  Around 300 people attended in person and online to hear a full day of presentations. The event was co-organised by Illaria Pozzato and Johnny Bourke, Research Fellows at the rehabilitation centre. Johnny said this year’s event involved getting policymakers, researc.....
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