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A simple mix of treatments holds the key to better hand function.

The base of our thumb may just be a small part of our hand, but osteoarthritis in that area can have a significant impact, making the simplest tasks difficult. The condition especially affects post-menopausal women, with figures indicating up to a third of women over 70 have this type of osteoarthritis. Increasing numbers of people are experiencing the condition, and yet current treatments still l.....
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Researchers assess new approach to post-operative care.

With increasing evidence around the benefits of physiotherapy after surgery, a project is set to get underway examining new ways to extend the support. The BOOST project will investigate how hospitals can deliver more frequent exercise programs for patients with hip fracture, through an innovative model of care involving physiotherapists and other healthcare workers. The program will be led by the .....
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New funding for key spinal injury research.

An Australia wide trial is set to get underway with hopes it may lead to life-long improvements for those who experience a spinal cord injury. Led by Professor Lisa Harvey from the Kolling Institute’s John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, the study represents a collaboration between the University of Sydney and every spinal injury unit in Australia. The State Government is investing $2.5 m.....
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Research identifies health impact of traffic accidents.

More than 40 per cent of people injured in a traffic accident are psychologically distressed one month after their accident, with many of those suffering depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. The research forms part of the latest findings into the physical and emotional impact of motor vehicle crash injuries by the team from the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research. From left to r.....
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