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Research identifies swallowing problems following whiplash.

Research conducted by a team from Kolling Institute has found that swallowing difficulties after a whiplash injury appear to be an under-recognised consequence of the injury. The study investigated a group of 60 patients with low-grade whiplash, finding 50 per cent of patients reported swallowing problems within 12 months of their whiplash injury. In 31 of these patients, there was a sta.....
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Kolling researcher takes out coveted award.

Congratulations to Kolling researcher Dr Jillian Eyles who’s been named one of the inaugural research translation fellows by Sydney Health Partners. Facing tremendous competition from a large group of outstanding researchers, Jillian is one of just five people to have been awarded a fellowship, which means they’ll be able to dedicate a greater amount of their time to research. Sydney Hea.....
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World Spine Day: Kolling researchers challenging old concepts to improve care.

To mark World Spine Day on October 16, the Back Pain Research team at the Kolling Institute is urging those who experience the condition to adopt the latest advice and keep moving. Spinal pain is extremely common, affecting around 800 million people globally. The condition compromises social, family and work activities, and is the main reason Australians retire involuntarily. The lower b.....
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Kolling centre guiding gold standard rehabilitation care.

The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research has been awarded close to $10 million to help improve the lives of those living with injury-related disability. The funding has been granted by the state’s compensation agencies icare NSW and the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, continuing a 20 year research partnership. icare NSW Managing Director and CEO Richard Harding said the re.....
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World-leading research in the spotlight.

The Neuroscience and Pain Research Showcase provided a timely opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of expertise across this priority research area at the Kolling. Co-ordinated by Professors Paul Glare and Lisa Harvey, the online event attracted more than 250 people. A diverse range of presentations focused on the cutting-edge research targeting mitochondrial disease, psychiatric disord.....
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Category: Neuroscience and Pain Research, Research Excellence, World-leading technology

New technology holds the key to better care for whiplash injuries.

New research is set to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries, one of the most common and challenging injuries following a non-catastrophic motor vehicle collision. The longitudinal study, conducted over more than five years, involved researchers from the Kolling Institute along with scientists from Northwestern University, University of Colorado and Stanford Univ.....
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Technology to deliver support to those with back pain during the pandemic.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is interrupting access to some healthcare services, an innovative approach may hold the key to support for those with low back pain. Researchers at the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute have launched a study to measure the effectiveness of a mobile health program which offers self-management strategies via text messages. Study lead Professor Manue.....
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Research directs spotlight onto the effectiveness of spinal surgery.

New research has found that while the majority of Australian spinal surgeons expect large improvements from common spinal procedures, they say there is only poor quality scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of surgery compared with non-surgical approaches like physiotherapy. A team from the Kolling Institute’s Back Pain Research group and the University of Sydney sur.....
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Australian first study to alleviate pain for those with spinal cord injuries.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will partner with international and Australian experts to examine an innovative approach to nerve pain for those with spinal cord injuries. The ground breaking study has been awarded more than $1.78 million through the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund. Professors Ashley Craig, James Middleton and Paul Glare from the Kolling wi.....
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Category: Funding support, Neuroscience and Pain Research

Global focus on musculoskeletal health .

Kolling researchers are part of an international team calling for musculoskeletal health to become a global priority, addressing a current lack of funding for the world’s leading cause of pain. The project team found the management of musculoskeletal health is under-prioritised despite its impact on the community, and devised an action plan to address this gap. Led by Professors An.....
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