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Researchers develop new program to reduce medication burden  .

A team from the Kolling Institute led by Professor Sarah Hilmer has helped develop a valuable, new national program to reduce the adverse impacts of taking multiple medicines. Medicines with an anticholinergic effect can successfully treat many conditions such as depression, dementia and chronic non-cancer pain. Cumulatively however, they can cause serious adverse effects such as falls, .....
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Researchers tackle one of the nation’s biggest health challenges.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will support an important, Australia-wide project to address the inappropriate use of medications in residential aged care. The initiative, to be co-ordinated by Monash University’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, has been awarded $2 million through the Medical Research Future Fund. It will see pharmacists embedded in residential aged care.....
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Research to inform new guidelines on the safe use of medicines .

Two Royal North Shore Hospital clinician researchers will play a key role in a national research project to improve the use of medications across the community. Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Kolling researcher Professor Sarah Hilmer and Head of the Department of General Practice Associate Professor Fiona Robinson will help drive the project which has been awarded mo.....
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Age and sex influence the adverse effects of multiple medications.

There are calls for a carefully-considered, tailored approach to the prescription of multiple medicines with new research finding a person’s age and sex influence the impact of multiple medications. More than half of older Australians take five or more regular medications, with the higher number of medications directly linked to a higher chance of adverse reactions, like falls, confusion.....
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Category: Neuroscience and Pain Research, New Treatment

Researchers offer new approach to detect frailty in older adults.

A team of researchers led by the Kolling’s Professor Sarah Hilmer has developed a valuable resource to identify frail and vulnerable people in hospital, in an important step towards optimising their care. Frail older adults have a higher risk of experiencing adverse outcomes in hospital such as falls, confusion and malnutrition, and many have longer hospital stays. Professor Hilmer said .....
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Category: Musculoskeletal Research, New Treatment

Researchers guide better use of medicines.

With the majority of older Australians taking five or more medications, a team from the Kolling Institute has developed a valuable tool to better understand adverse outcomes. The analytical resource has been developed by Professor Sarah Hilmer and Dr John Mach, after several years of research investigating the effects of using multiple medications. Previous studies have generally looked .....
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Delivering presentations people remember.

Kolling Institute cancer researchers were given an opportunity to spend the day with presenter Julie McCrossin. Julie spent more than 20 years as a radio broadcaster and is now a freelance journalist, facilitator, trainer and speaker. Julie invests a large share of her time supporting research initiatives, and in recent years has received treatment for head and neck cancer. Julie delive.....
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