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The Kolling unveils new research strategy.

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Category: Research Excellence

New funding supports innovative approach to diagnose heart failure.

Kolling researcher and Royal North Shore Hospital cardiologist Dr Rebecca Kozor will lead a world-first study using MRI technology to improve the diagnosis of heart failure. The trial has been made possible following a $50,000 Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand-Boehringer Ingelheim innovation grant. Dr Kozor has welcomed the funding to quantify pulmonary congestion or lung wate.....
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Category: Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Funding support

Every week counts in the lead up to birth.

The Kolling’s Women and Babies Research team is calling for a reduction in the number of early births, with the latest research highlighting the benefits of labour as close to 40 weeks as possible. Twenty years ago, the majority of women gave birth at 40 weeks. Today it’s between 38 and 39 weeks and continuing to get earlier. This trend is due to the growing number of planned early birth.....
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Category: Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Research Excellence

Cancer expertise recognised.

The Kolling’s Dr Amanda Hudson will lead an exciting pilot study after being awarded an innovation grant by the Mark Hughes Foundation for brain cancer research. The Bill Walsh Lab scientist is one of a select group to have received funding from the foundation. Her research will now investigate the early detection of disease progression in brain cancer. Dr Hudson said identifying changes.....
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Category: Funding support, Neuroscience and Pain Research

New funding launches exciting project to detect cancer earlier.

Congratulations to Kolling cancer researcher and Sydney Vital fellow Dr Yaser Hadi Gholami on being awarded the prestigious 2020 Physics Grand Challenges grant. The Grand Challenges project was initiated by the University of Sydney’s School of Physics to drive new discoveries and breakthroughs that will transform the world. $250,000 will be directed to Dr Gholami’s innovative research wh.....
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Kolling NEWS.

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Kolling researcher honoured with prestigious, international role.

Congratulations to the Kolling’s Acting Executive Director Professor Chris Little following his election to the Board of Directors of the Orthopaedic Research Society. It is regarded as the world’s leading orthopaedic research society, representing clinicians and researchers across the scientific spectrum from fundamental science to clinical research and clinical trials. Professor Littl.....
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Category: Musculoskeletal Research, Research Excellence

Researchers offer new approach to detect frailty in older adults.

A team of researchers led by the Kolling’s Professor Sarah Hilmer has developed a valuable resource to identify frail and vulnerable people in hospital, in an important step towards optimising their care. Frail older adults have a higher risk of experiencing adverse outcomes in hospital such as falls, confusion and malnutrition, and many have longer hospital stays. Professor Hilmer said .....
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Category: Musculoskeletal Research, New Treatment

Philanthropic funding brings new hope to those with chronic pain.

Some of the nation’s leading pain experts are set to embark on research which they believe will change the way chronic pain is managed. The program of research will be carried out by the team from the Pain Management Research Institute after generous funding from the Ernest Heine Family Foundation. Located within the Kolling Institute and Royal North Shore Hospital, the Pain Management R.....
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Category: Funding support, Neuroscience and Pain Research, New Treatment

Key appointment for Kolling researcher.

Congratulations to the Kolling’s Dr Ryan Davis following his appointment as president-elect of the Australian Society for Medical Research. (ASMR) Dr Davis is part of the Neurogenetics team, driving research into mitochondrial diseases and Parkinson’s disease. His work bridges basic and clinical research, while he also supports the Neurogenetics Clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital to im.....
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Category: Neuroscience and Pain Research