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Researchers to improve diagnosis for genetic disorders .

Kolling researchers will drive a large, national research project to improve diagnostic rates for those with mitochondrial diseases and broaden treatment pathways. A $3 million grant from the Medical Research Future Fund is being invested in the project, which will involve clinicians, researchers and diagnostic scientists from a host of organisations including the Kolling and the Murdoch.....
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Australian first study to alleviate pain for those with spinal cord injuries.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will partner with international and Australian experts to examine an innovative approach to nerve pain for those with spinal cord injuries. The ground breaking study has been awarded more than $1.78 million through the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund. Professors Ashley Craig, James Middleton and Paul Glare from the Kolling wi.....
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Global focus on musculoskeletal health .

Kolling researchers are part of an international team calling for musculoskeletal health to become a global priority, addressing a current lack of funding for the world’s leading cause of pain. The project team found the management of musculoskeletal health is under-prioritised despite its impact on the community, and devised an action plan to address this gap. Led by Professors An.....
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Research to inform new guidelines on the safe use of medicines .

Two Royal North Shore Hospital clinician researchers will play a key role in a national research project to improve the use of medications across the community. Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Kolling researcher Professor Sarah Hilmer and Head of the Department of General Practice Associate Professor Fiona Robinson will help drive the project which has been awarded mo.....
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Recognition for a remarkable career.

Kolling Institute researcher and Royal North Shore Hospital clinician Professor Carol Pollock has been recognised for her extraordinary contribution to healthcare in this year’s Queen’s birthday honour roll. Professor Pollock has been appointed an officer of the order of Australia for her distinguished service to medical research, education and science, nephrology, and clinical practice .....
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Researchers join celebrations for national award.

Kolling Institute researchers have been recognised with a prestigious award for an initiative to support people to return to work after injury. The project, named Early Matched Care at Australia Post, was named the 2021 Winner of Comcare’s national Recovery at and Return to Work Award. The research team was led by Professor Michael Nicholas, from the Pain Management Research Centre at RN.....
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International knee transplant study to inform future care.

New funding announced by the Federal Government will see researchers from the Kolling Institute and the University of Sydney drive an international study to determine the best treatment for those with knee cartilage damage. More than $1 million dollars has been awarded through a collaborative research grant scheme involving Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council and the.....
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Kolling researchers join global effort to reduce heart disease in women.

Two leading cardiovascular experts have been appointed to a prestigious world expert panel to reduce rates of cardiovascular disease in women. Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) interventional cardiologist and Kolling Institute researcher, Professor Gemma Figtree, and RNSH senior hospital scientist and Kolling Institute researcher, Dr Anastasia Mihailidou, have been appointed commissioner.....
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Researchers to identify safer and more effective treatment pathways for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Kolling researcher Professor Lyn March will lead a large, collaborative national trial to improve treatments and outcomes for those with disabling rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. Federal Government MRFF funding will see more than $2.7 million invested in the project which will involve 400 participants across the country. Professor March, who is also the head of the Department of Rheu.....
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Age and sex influence the adverse effects of multiple medications.

There are calls for a carefully-considered, tailored approach to the prescription of multiple medicines with new research finding a person’s age and sex influence the impact of multiple medications. More than half of older Australians take five or more regular medications, with the higher number of medications directly linked to a higher chance of adverse reactions, like falls, confusion.....
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