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Remarkable service recognised in Queen’s birthday honours.

We would like to congratulate our Kolling Institute researcher Professor Sarah Hilmer who’s been awarded an AM for her service to clinical and geriatric pharmacology as part of the Queen’s birthday honours. Professor Hilmer has worked as the Head of Clinical Pharmacology and as a geriatrician at Royal North Shore Hospital since 2005. Her research and clinical expertise is respected both .....
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Championing precision medicine for children living with arthritis.

The largest study in Australia into the treatment of juvenile arthritis may pave the way for a unique approach to care for those with the disabling condition and dramatically improve outcomes. The Medical Research Future Fund will invest $2.5 million in the A3BC for Kids project which will involve researchers from the Kolling Institute and the University of Sydney in collaboration with t.....
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Category: Funding support, Musculoskeletal Research

Ground breaking approach to emergency care in NSW to be tested.

New funding will see a large-scale project launched across NSW to significantly improve patient outcomes and experiences in Emergency Departments. Chief investigator and Kolling Institute researcher Professor Margaret Fry said more than $2.8 million will be invested in the EPIC-START program, giving patients better access to early evidence-based treatment pathways. 30 Emergency Departmen.....
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Back pain treatments shouldn’t neglect the mind.

New research by a team from the Kolling Institute has found the best treatment for chronic low back pain doesn’t just focus on the physical, but combines physiotherapy treatments with those focusing on the mind. The study, involving Emma Ho, Professor Manuela Ferreira and Lingxiao Chen, analysed evidence from almost 100 trials worldwide involving over 13,000 patients. It found a combinat.....
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Australia to introduce ground breaking technology to target debilitating Mito disease.

Clinicians, researchers and patients have welcomed a landmark law which will pave the way for remarkable new IVF technology to prevent mitochondrial disease. Known as “Maeve’s law” after a young Victorian girl with a rare genetic disorder, the legislation was passed by Federal Parliament allowing the specialised IVF procedure to be carried out in Australia. It will involve replacing faul.....
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Category: Neuroscience and Pain Research, New Treatment, World-leading technology

Link between obesity severity and adverse outcomes for pregnant women and their babies.

There are calls for a greater focus on weight management following new research defining the relationship between obesity and pregnancy-related complications for mother and baby. The study follows an increase in obesity levels globally as well as a rise in prevalence during pregnancy. Today, more than 20 per cent of Australian women have obesity at the time of conception. Kolling Institu.....
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Category: Research Excellence

Masters players committed to the team, ignore heart health.

Research from the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital provides insights into cardiac risk among footballers of masters age (35 years and older), an increasingly popular pastime. In what is believed to be the first study to assess cardiac knowledge and beliefs in this higher-risk amateur football group, researchers have found that one in five players experienced one or mor.....
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Category: Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Research Excellence

Researchers identify the best way to ease chronic pain.

With large numbers of people across the community looking for effective and lasting ways to treat pain, our researchers at the Kolling Institute are driving nationally significant projects to reduce a reliance on opioid medication and promote proven alternative options. The research by our team from the Pain Management Research Centre follows the latest figures which indicate around 20 p.....
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Category: Neuroscience and Pain Research, New Treatment, Research Excellence

Researchers to join leading cancer care centres in exciting new trial.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute and Royal North Shore Hospital will help drive a new project investigating a revolutionary approach to care for those with neuroendocrine tumours. Cancer specialists Professor Nick Pavlakis and Dr David Chan will join the AUS-NET trial after a funding announcement by Health Minister Greg Hunt. The study will assess whether a new patient-specific car.....
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Research shows your age and sex influence the impact of medications .

A new study by researchers at the Kolling Institute will directly guide the use of medications by older Australians after it identified the profound adverse effects of taking multiple medications. The study follows the latest figures which show around 50 per cent of Australians over 75 years take five or more medications every day to treat multiple chronic illnesses. The trend is leading.....
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