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Kolling researchers to lead national project for better back pain care.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will strengthen their expertise in the management of low back pain following a significant funding announcement by the Federal Government. Health minister Greg Hunt revealed the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Investigator Grants, which will see $2.5 million directed to a five-year program of research led by Professor Manuela Fe.....
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Kolling centre guiding gold standard rehabilitation care.

The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research has been awarded close to $10 million to help improve the lives of those living with injury-related disability. The funding has been granted by the state’s compensation agencies icare NSW and the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, continuing a 20 year research partnership. icare NSW Managing Director and CEO Richard Harding said the re.....
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Kolling researchers identifying COVID-19 impact on heart health.

The largest study of its type in Australia will investigate the impact of COVID-19 on younger patients with new trends emerging around the cardiac complications from the Delta strain of the virus. Launched last year, the AUS-COVID trial assessed more than 640 patients in 21 hospitals across Australia, recording cardiovascular complications. From this group, 125 were people were admitted .....
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World-leading research in the spotlight.

The Neuroscience and Pain Research Showcase provided a timely opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of expertise across this priority research area at the Kolling. Co-ordinated by Professors Paul Glare and Lisa Harvey, the online event attracted more than 250 people. A diverse range of presentations focused on the cutting-edge research targeting mitochondrial disease, psychiatric disord.....
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New technology holds the key to better care for whiplash injuries.

New research is set to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries, one of the most common and challenging injuries following a non-catastrophic motor vehicle collision. The longitudinal study, conducted over more than five years, involved researchers from the Kolling Institute along with scientists from Northwestern University, University of Colorado and Stanford Univ.....
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New fellowship to strengthen commercial research opportunities.

Dr Cindy Shu will have a key role in building commercial capabilities at the Kolling after receiving a fellowship from the REDI (Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry) program. The program provides financial support to Australian and international medical technology and pharmaceutical companies to bring the best talent in-house to work on priority medical research projects......
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Technology to deliver support to those with back pain during the pandemic.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is interrupting access to some healthcare services, an innovative approach may hold the key to support for those with low back pain. Researchers at the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute have launched a study to measure the effectiveness of a mobile health program which offers self-management strategies via text messages. Study lead Professor Manue.....
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Researchers tackle one of the nation’s biggest health challenges.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will support an important, Australia-wide project to address the inappropriate use of medications in residential aged care. The initiative, to be co-ordinated by Monash University’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, has been awarded $2 million through the Medical Research Future Fund. It will see pharmacists embedded in residential aged care.....
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Researchers partner with industry for innovative study into osteoarthritis  .

Regeneus, a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, has announced an exciting research collaboration with Professor Christopher Little and the Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Laboratory at the Kolling Institute. The study will further explore the disease modifying effects of Progenza™ and assess its effect in modulating the inflammatory and immune responses in a pre-cl.....
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Expertise at the Kolling recognised .

Congratulations to Professor David Hunter who’s been announced as a finalist for Research Australia’s annual Health and Medical Research Awards. The prestigious awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals and teams who drive innovative health and medical research. They aim to recognise excellence across the sector, and encourage future generations of researchers. Profess.....
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