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The latest update from the Kolling.

Here's a snapshot of our latest research at the Kolling Institute and the impact it's having across the community, from new national guidelines for physios helping those with life-changing spinal cord injuries to a new approach for those with debilitating chronic pain. There's a focus too on our researchers reducing the physical toll of spaceflight and the latest care for osteoarthritis.  Flip.....
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Vale John Walsh.

It is with great sadness that the Kolling Institute acknowledges the passing of Professor John Walsh AO. Professor Walsh had a longstanding relationship with many researchers across the Kolling and the local health district and was immensely respected by his colleagues. Having a background as an actuary, Professor Walsh applied his expertise to many projects over his life, specifically policy devel.....
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Researchers inform next-gen space suit design.

Leading researchers from the Kolling Institute have welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Metakosmos as it pioneers the development of a next-generation space suit. Led by CEO Kiriti Rambhatla, Metakosmos is working to revolutionise human spaceflight technology. Their Kosmosuit architecture has garnered acclaim and the interest of the Kolling Institute’s Academic Director Professor James Ell.....
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Research to improve postmenopausal women’s bone and muscle health.

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Australian researchers help astronauts tackle the health challenges of spaceflight.

As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) progresses its ambitious Artemis spaceflight program, Australian researchers including the Kolling Institute’s Academic Director Professor James Elliott will tap into their scientific expertise to offer support. Professor Elliott attended a recent event at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Texas, which brought together leading clinicians and .....
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269 million people to experience neck pain by 2050.

New research led by investigators from the Kolling Institute has identified a concerning global trend which will see the burden of neck pain dramatically increase over the next 30 years. The research analysed data from more than 200 countries, measuring the prevalence of neck pain from 1990 to 2020. It found 203 million people now experience neck pain across the globe, a figure which has remained s.....
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Research helping the community tap into the best osteoarthritis care.

While a large share of the community experiences osteoarthritis, many people are not receiving the latest, evidenced-based care leaving them with poorer and more painful outcomes. Health and government bodies are working to address the shortfall, investing resources to increase awareness of high-value care. As part of this national approach, Kolling Institute researcher and physiotherapist Dr Jilli.....
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Our researchers making an impact on the world stage.

Internationally respected investigator Professor Chris Little has been recognised for his remarkable contribution to orthopaedic research at an event in Long Beach California. Infront of a large international audience, Professor Little was elected a Fellow of the Orthopaedic Research Society for his exemplary service and leadership. The accolade acknowledges Chris’ achievement, expert knowledge and.....
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New research challenges the link between the weather and joint pain.

Many people believe there is a connection between the weather and joint or muscle pain, but a team of researchers from the Kolling Institute and the University of Sydney say their latest study has found there is no link between the two. Lead author Professor Manuela Ferreira said there is a longstanding belief that changes in weather conditions, such as rain or temperature variations, can trigger o.....
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Strong research pipeline flags positive trend.

With an increasing focus on our research activity, the Royal North Shore Hospital Scientific Staff Council is keen to celebrate the efforts of some of our emerging leaders. It has presented four awards recognising an outstanding commitment to research excellence. Kolling Institute musculoskeletal researchers Dylan Ashton and Dr Carina Blaker were joint winners of the best publication award for thei.....
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