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New robot driving innovation in joint surgery .

A $400,000 robot which may hold the key to significant improvements in hip and knee replacements is now operational at the Kolling Institute. Known as KOBRA or the Kolling Orthopaedic Biomechanics Robotic Arm, the new technology delivers an advanced testing facility, while greatly increasing research capabilities. It is the largest of its kind in Australia and one of just two SimVitro ro.....
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Kolling researchers present at international congress.

Kolling Institute researchers have helped map out exciting future developments for the rehabilitation of hip and knee replacement patients. A team of researchers from Sydney Musculoskeletal Health – a partnership between the University of Sydney, Sydney Local Health District and Northern Sydney Local Health District - recently attended the International Society for Technology in Arthropl.....
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New Academic Director shares vision for research success.

Ambitious leadership, functional wellbeing and a passion for collaboration An international healthcare destination celebrated for its collaborative spirits and dedication to human health and wellbeing. This is Professor Jim Elliott’s vision for how the collaboration between the Kolling Institute, the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Northern Sydney Local Health District will evolve.....
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Researchers investigate if stem cells can reverse osteoarthritis damage .

Our researchers are seeking participants for a large-scale clinical trial pioneering the use of stem cells to treat and potentially cure osteoarthritis. The disease is now one of the leading causes of disability in the world, affecting around three million people in Australia alone. Royal North Shore Hospital rheumatologist Professor David Hunter is leading the two-year trial which is re.....
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Researchers seeking closer ties with industry .

Researchers at the Kolling Institute are increasingly forging partnerships with industry, with the collaborative efforts accelerating improvements in patient care. One team which has particularly benefitted from a strong relationship with industry partners is the diverse group from the Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory. Director, Associate Professor Liz Clarke is encouraging others .....
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Championing precision medicine for children living with arthritis.

The largest study in Australia into the treatment of juvenile arthritis may pave the way for a unique approach to care for those with the disabling condition and dramatically improve outcomes. The Medical Research Future Fund will invest $2.5 million in the A3BC for Kids project which will involve researchers from the Kolling Institute and the University of Sydney in collaboration with t.....
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Back pain treatments shouldn’t neglect the mind.

New research by a team from the Kolling Institute has found the best treatment for chronic low back pain doesn’t just focus on the physical, but combines physiotherapy treatments with those focusing on the mind. The study, involving Emma Ho, Professor Manuela Ferreira and Lingxiao Chen, analysed evidence from almost 100 trials worldwide involving over 13,000 patients. It found a combinat.....
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Kolling researcher to join prestigious Harvard Medical School program.

Congratulations to Kolling Institute researcher Dr Manasi Mittinty who has been selected for the Advanced Global Clinical Scholar Research training at Harvard Medical School. Dr Mittinty is a medical trained researcher with the Pain Management and Research Centre and a University of Sydney lecturer. She has a keen interest in translation research and the connections between musculoskelet.....
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Research identifies swallowing problems following whiplash.

Research conducted by a team from Kolling Institute has found that swallowing difficulties after a whiplash injury appear to be an under-recognised consequence of the injury. The study investigated a group of 60 patients with low-grade whiplash, finding 50 per cent of patients reported swallowing problems within 12 months of their whiplash injury. In 31 of these patients, there was a sta.....
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Researchers reject the use of plasma injections for knee joint osteoarthritis.

In what will be disappointing news for many, a large-scale clinical trial has found platelet-rich plasma injections for those with osteoarthritis knee pain are no better than a placebo. This type of injection has become an increasingly popular form of treatment for knee joint arthritis, despite its prohibitive cost at around $2,000 per injection. Plasma from a patient’s own blood is inje.....
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