At the Kolling Institute, our cancer research aims to identify and overcome the factors that drive cancer development so that we can improve patient outcomes. We have a number of cancer research teams with different expertise, specialising in chemotherapy resistance, immunotherapies, genetics, epigenetics, diagnostic services and clinical trials. Importantly, these teams have access to an active tissue bank and the latest equipment.

Our cancer research rapidly implements laboratory findings into clinical practice and is supported by the Cancer Institute Translational Centre, Sydney Vital. By bringing together research scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals, we are able to combine innovative and cutting edge research with personalised treatment strategies for cancer patients.

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Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory

Bowel Cancer and Biomarker Research Lab

Breast Cancer Research

Cancer Genetics Laboratory

Kolling Institute Tumour Bank

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Kolling NEWS

Kolling NEWS

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Significant investment in our research announced

Significant investment in our research announced

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Crucial funds strengthening our research expertise

Crucial funds strengthening our research expertise

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