Bowel Cancer and Biomarker Research Lab

Bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is the second most common cancer in Australian men and women. It affects 1 in 13 people. It is also Australia’s second deadliest cancer, with over 5,000 people dying each year. Early detection through screening can improve survival rates, however further research is needed to help find cures and prevent the disease.

The Bowel Cancer and Biomarker Laboratory at the Kolling Institute uses advanced technologies to study the genes and proteins responsible for bowel cancers growing and spreading. Our aim is to use a patient’s own molecular information to understand the risk of bowel cancer developing and to guide treatment options. As part of our research, we are studying how to control bowel polyp growth, which are precursors to cancer. We are doing this through diet and chemotherapy drugs.

Mark-P-Molloy Prof Mark P. Molloy, PhD | Lawrence Penn Chair of Bowel Cancer Research

The University of Sydney | Northern Clinical School
Faculty of Medicine and Health
Honorary Professor | Dept. Molecular Sciences, Macquarie University
Secretary | Australasian Proteomics Society

Dr Jun Li PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr Benita Tse

Postdoctoral Scientist

Matthew McKay - Senior Research Officer

Bharat Venkatesh Gunappa - Research Officer

Atul Bhatnagar - Senior Technical Officer

(Vo Van) Anh Pham - Honours Student

Miguel Castaneda - Research Affiliate

YuHong Fu - Visiting Researcher

Ping (Wendy) Wu - Visiting Research Assistant 

Kiera Hicks -  Honours Student

Colby Stevenson - PhD Student

Eve Hopping - Masters Student

Elizabeth Brenchley - Masters student

Current bowel cancer research focuses on:

  • Why and how some bowel polyps become cancers
  • Which bowel tumours are likely to spread
  • Molecular make-up of colorectal tumours
  • Early detection of disease recurrence

Our research is facilitated by specimens from clinical projects we run including:

  • Sydney 1000 bowel cancer study
  • IMAP Bowel polyp study

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