Our researchers making an impact on the world stage

Internationally respected investigator Professor Chris Little has been recognised for his remarkable contribution to orthopaedic research at an event in Long Beach California.

Infront of a large international audience, Professor Little was elected a Fellow of the Orthopaedic Research Society for his exemplary service and leadership.

The accolade acknowledges Chris’ achievement, expert knowledge and contribution to the society and the field of musculoskeletal research over more than 20 years.

Fellows are recognised as thought leaders and serve as role models for those beginning their research journey.

Chris has welcomed the honour.

“Since its inception 70 years ago, the US Orthopaedic Research Society has arguably become the pre-eminent international scientific society dedicated to musculoskeletal research,” he said.

“I am therefore very honoured and humbled to have been nominated as an Orthopaedic Research Society Fellow.

“Such personal accolades are really a reflection of the extraordinary members of the Raymond Purves Research Lab team that I’ve have the privilege of leading over the past 20 years.

“Ultimately, it’s the work that they do to increase knowledge of the mechanisms of musculoskeletal disease to help develop new treatments, that is the most important thing.

“Societies like the Orthopaedic Research Society enable us to both disseminate what we learn in our research and learn from others around the world, so that together we can hopefully change the lives of patients.”