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Kolling researchers to lead national project for better back pain care.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will strengthen their expertise in the management of low back pain following a significant funding announcement by the Federal Government. Health minister Greg Hunt revealed the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Investigator Grants, which will see $2.5 million directed to a five-year program of research led by Professor Manuela Ferreira to i.....
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Kolling centre guiding gold standard rehabilitation care.

The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research has been awarded close to $10 million to help improve the lives of those living with injury-related disability. The funding has been granted by the state’s compensation agencies icare NSW and the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, continuing a 20 year research partnership. icare NSW Managing Director and CEO Richard Harding said the research was .....
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World-leading research in the spotlight.

The Neuroscience and Pain Research Showcase provided a timely opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of expertise across this priority research area at the Kolling. Co-ordinated by Professors Paul Glare and Lisa Harvey, the online event attracted more than 250 people. A diverse range of presentations focused on the cutting-edge research targeting mitochondrial disease, psychiatric disorders, spinal.....
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Australian first study to alleviate pain for those with spinal cord injuries.

Researchers from the Kolling Institute will partner with international and Australian experts to examine an innovative approach to nerve pain for those with spinal cord injuries. The ground breaking study has been awarded more than $1.78 million through the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund. Professors Ashley Craig, James Middleton and Paul Glare from the Kolling will join the.....
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Global focus on musculoskeletal health .

Kolling researchers are part of an international team calling for musculoskeletal health to become a global priority, addressing a current lack of funding for the world’s leading cause of pain. The project team found the management of musculoskeletal health is under-prioritised despite its impact on the community, and devised an action plan to address this gap. Led by Professors Andrew Briggs.....
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Researchers join celebrations for national award.

Kolling Institute researchers have been recognised with a prestigious award for an initiative to support people to return to work after injury. The project, named Early Matched Care at Australia Post, was named the 2021 Winner of Comcare’s national Recovery at and Return to Work Award. The research team was led by Professor Michael Nicholas, from the Pain Management Research Centre at RNSH and the .....
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Technology to bring relief to those with low back pain.

With many of us looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, researchers say a new approach may not only deliver benefits for your heart and waistline but may reduce low back pain as well. The condition affects one in six Australians or four million people and is the leading cause of adult musculoskeletal pain worldwide. Researchers from the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute have launched a.....
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Philanthropic funding brings new hope to those with chronic pain.

Some of the nation’s leading pain experts are set to embark on research which they believe will change the way chronic pain is managed. The program of research will be carried out by the team from the Pain Management Research Institute after generous funding from the Ernest Heine Family Foundation. Located within the Kolling Institute and Royal North Shore Hospital, the Pain Management Research Ins.....
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Research identifies health impact of traffic accidents.

More than 40 per cent of people injured in a traffic accident are psychologically distressed one month after their accident, with many of those suffering depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. The research forms part of the latest findings into the physical and emotional impact of motor vehicle crash injuries by the team from the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research. From left to r.....
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