Co-ordinated COVID-19 Research Response

Kolling Institute researchers are a key part of a new Northern Sydney Local Health District COVID-19 Clinical Research Group.

All major specialist disciplines are represented in the group, taking advantage of the breadth of knowledge across the health campus.

Kolling researcher Associate Professor Clifton-Bligh said we formed the group because we saw a clear need to co-ordinate our clinical research response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our clinical researchers and scientists saw this as a way to harness our varied interests and skills in a strategic, whole-of-health service response,” he said.

“The rapid evolution of the pandemic has led to new research collaborations and partnerships, and innovative approaches to clinical trials for COVID patients and healthcare workers.”

The six broad areas of focus include:

· Emerging treatments for COVID-19

· Prevention of COVID-19 in high risk groups, including health care workers

· Biomarker research for diagnosis and prognosis

· Epidemiology of disease outbreaks in Northern Sydney Local Health District

· Health services data collection and research

· The impact on non-COVID-19 related activities (both in healthcare and in research)

Members of the Northern Sydney Local Health District COVID-19 Clinical Research Group include infectious disease specialist Dr Bernard Hudson, Professor Carolyn Sue, Professor Bruce Robinson and Professor Carol Pollock.