Kolling awards unveiled

We are pleased to announce the successful recipients of our annual Kolling Institute awards program.

Launched in 2021, the program has been expanded to acknowledge a greater number of researchers and their individual contribution to the Kolling.

The awards aim to recognise the many outstanding achievements across education, clinical practice and service, publications, research, as well as overall accomplishment.

This year, seven researchers are being presented with awards across the following five categories:

PhD impact (joint award winners)

Dr Danielle Stone - Clinical Speech Pathologist, RNSH, and PhD candidate, Neuromuscular Imaging Research Lab

Dr Michal Lubomski - Neurologist, RNSH and PhD Candidate, Neurogenetics Research

Supervision impact (joint award winners)

A/Professor Sarah Glastras - Endocrinologist, RNSH and Postdoctoral Researcher, Renal Research Laboratory

Dr Sumit Sahni - Senior Research Fellow, Bill Walsh Cancer Research Lab

Best clinical output

Dr Jillian Eyles - Physiotherapist, RNSH and SHPs Research Translation Fellow, Osteoarthritis Research

Best EMCR basic science paper

Dr Chia-chi Liu - Senior Research Fellow, Cardiac Membrane Biology Laboratory

Best paper overall

Dr Yandong Shen - Postdoctoral Researcher, Northern Blood Research Centre

Kolling Institute Academic Director Professor Jim Elliott congratulated the researchers for their invaluable contribution over the past 12 months.

“It’s encouraging that we have so many dynamic researchers working across the Kolling, and this impressive group has had an intrinsic role in our progress, impact and research success over the past year,” he said.

“Each of these award winners is driving substantial improvements in their individual areas of expertise, and I’m pleased that through the Kolling awards program we’re able to direct the spotlight to their significant achievements.”