Delivering presentations people remember

Kolling Institute cancer researchers were given an opportunity to spend the day with presenter Julie McCrossin.

Julie spent more than 20 years as a radio broadcaster and is now a freelance journalist, facilitator, trainer and speaker. Julie invests a large share of her time supporting research initiatives, and in recent years has received treatment for head and neck cancer.

Julie delivered an impressive workshop for the Kolling team, discussing the secrets to a successful presentation, where audiences are engaged and enthusiastic participants.

Bill Walsh Lab Research Director Viive Howell said the workshop was tremendously valuable as it gave the researchers some clear guidelines to consider for their next presentation.

“We are often required to speak to a group of people and the workshop provided us with a checklist for success to help us illustrate key points in memorable ways.

“It was an amazing experience as Julie taught us how to actively involve our audience to give an authentic and engaging presentation,” she said.