Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia and worldwide.

Our cardiology teams are committed to preventing death and suffering from heart disease. Our leading research aims to improve the prediction and prevention of heart attacks, and the management of heart attack patients. We are also working to improve diagnosis of the disease.

We are a group of scientists and physicians developing patient-focused research to target the major challenges of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The Kolling Institute’s close collaboration with the Royal North Shore Hospital ensures our clinical observations and scientific breakthroughs are directly incorporated into patient care.

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Cardiac Biology and Heart Failure

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Recognition of our impact on the world stage

Recognition of our impact on the world stage

Kolling Institute Governance Committee Chair Michael Nugent said it is encouraging to see more than ..... Read more

Category: Research Excellence

Philanthropic funds creating travel opportunities

Philanthropic funds creating travel opportunities

A collection of emerging research leaders will have the chance to broaden their research experience ..... Read more

Category: Awards, Research Excellence

Kolling awards unveiled

Kolling awards unveiled

We are pleased to announce the successful recipients of our annual Kolling Institute awards program...... Read more

Category: Awards, Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Musculoskeletal Research, Neuroscience and Pain Research