Blueprint to strengthen research and improve the care we receive

The Kolling’s new research plan has been confirmed marking an important milestone for the institute.

The plan details the implementation of the institute’s five-year strategy, and will ensure the Kolling is in the best position to deliver game-changing research.

Acting Executive Director Professor Jim Elliott has welcomed the development of the plan, saying a robust strategic framework will help shape the future of the institute and secure its long term success.

“This important roadmap will have a crucial role in increasing the impact of our research and improving health outcomes across our community,” he said.

“A large number of people have shared their time and expertise to bring us to where we are today, and I’d like to thank them for their commitment to the Kolling and its talented research teams.”

The research plan focuses on a range of key goals, including new collaborations, additional large-scale funding and improved research outputs. There will be an emphasis too on positively impacting patient care, building on our world-class science, training tomorrow’s leaders, and ensuring a collaborative working culture is day to day core business.

The blueprint details a large collection of initiatives including closer ties with government, industry and consumers, and stronger collaborations across the priority research areas to attract large-scale funding for multidisciplinary research projects and infrastructure programs.

“These steps will see an increase in research translation, with clearer pipeline pathways from basic science to clinical care. There will also be a focus on a strong education program, new fellowship opportunities, measures to attract top students and broader access to equipment and support.

“Importantly, the new framework aligns with the strategic direction of both the University of Sydney and the Northern Sydney Local Health District, increasing opportunities for research impact and better patient outcomes. It will see researchers benefit from unprecedented support and targeted assistance from the partners.

“We have a large and impressive team of researchers at the Kolling, including many who are world leaders in their fields. I’m confident this new strategic framework will offer crucial support to our team as they continue their life-changing work.”