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It is an exciting time for medical research in Australia and I’m thrilled to be supporting and promoting the excellent work we are doing here at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research. We have a large team of dedicated clinicians and researchers, all working to help our community live longer, healthier lives.

With an ageing population, our nation is facing some unprecedented health challenges. There’s increasing pressure for scientific breakthroughs and renewed hope that significant progress will be made.

At the Kolling Institute, we are well placed to make discoveries and pioneer new treatments. We have brought together a group of world leading researchers - internationally respected and eager to achieve tangible results.

Our research covers an extensive range of areas from cancer and heart disease to genetics, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders and neuroscience. In all, hundreds of researchers are working to help diagnose, prevent and treat disease – and they’re all driven by a commitment to improve the care our community receives.

The Kolling Institute is located alongside Royal North Shore Hospital, one of Sydney’s largest tertiary hospitals. Our teams work within the hospital, with extensive access to patient groups and state of the art facilities. This means we are in a strong position to translate our research into healthcare – to directly incorporate our scientific discoveries into clinical practice, and improve the lives of those living with disease.

Our success relies on the strength of our partnerships and we will continue to foster our valuable relationships with the University of Sydney, Northern Sydney Local Health District, government and industry. Generous support from philanthropic partners and the wider community will play a vital role in our work.

I’m very optimistic about the future of medical research in Australia and the potential for fundamental improvements to the care we provide. We have a tremendously talented group of researchers embracing innovation, and supported by strong investment and high-quality, modern facilities.

I hope you enjoy our Kolling Institute website, and gain a better understanding of the life-changing work our impressive, dedicated team is undertaking.

Professor Carolyn Sue AM
Executive Director Kolling Institute

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